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I am an Engineer, Problem solver and a Life Long Lerner. My greatest strengths are Bias for Action, Problem Solving, Learn and Be Curious and Deliver Results. I have been working at Amazon since last 4 years, where I am learning how to contribute to a well oiled nimble enterprise that operates at unfathomable scale.

Full Stack Developer and Solutions Architect

I am a Full Stack Developer and Solutions Architect. I have experice with Object-Oriented Design, Design Patterns, Breaking down legacy systems to microservices, Adopting Cloud, Architecture for high scale and availability, Designing services from scratch, Containerization, Designing APIs, Asynchronous APIs (Callbacks or Reactive) and Caching. I have hands on experience with AWS, Azure, Postgres, Cassandra, Kafka, Docker, DockerHub, Git, SQL, NoSQL. I generally use Spring Boot as the backend service and Bootstrap as the front end.

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  • Phone: +9188875639
  • City: Bangalore, India
  • Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
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  • Experience : 4 Years

Apart from work I like playing Piano (have been playing since June 2018), Long Bike Ride(Saturday or Sunday Moring), Running and Reading(Mostly Self help books as they help me to maintain a schedule). I plan my day to day activities. My day to day activities apart from work inculdes Chess, Sudoku, Piano and some time on my pet project(or learning something). I also like watching Sports (Mostly Football and Cricket).


More than 4 years of experice, 13+ Certification and yet more to come.


Years of Experience








I have experience in strategically breaking down legacy systems to microservices, adopting cloud, designing and authoring services from scratch, moving from synchronous to asynchronous systems, database migration from SQL to NoSQL and building multiple webapps.

Languages I can Code

Java (4 yrs Professional, 6 yrs Academia)100%
Python (2 yrs Personal) 85%
C# (2 yrs Personal) 85%
C++/C (4 yrs Academia) 90%
Javascript (1 yrs Professional) 85%
NodeJs (2 yrs Personal) 85%

Frameworks I can use

Spring (4 yrs Professional) 90%
Docker (2 yrs Professional) 90%
Jquery (1 yrs Professional)90%
Hibernate (1 yrs Professional)90%
Bootstrap4 (2 yrs Personal)90%
ASP.NET (1 yrs Personal)80%


I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Bangalore, the tech epicenter of India, I experienced a rich tech culture. I have worked for multiple early-stage startups before starting my career at Amazon.


Archit Bhatnagar

Innovative and deadline-driven Full Stack Developer and Solutions Architect with 4+ years of experience designing and developing distrubuted systems and webapps

  • Bangalore, India
  • +918884875639


Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science

2013 - 2017

Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore

GPA 9.06

Professional Experience

Software Development Engineer II

Oct 2019 - Present

Amazon, Bangalore, India

Working in Metering team under PACE org for Performance Advertising. Metering team is responsible for data ingestion for ad traffic across DisplayAds managed, self-service as well as Performance Advertising for advertisers worldwide.

  • Launched Digital Service Tax (DST) World Wide
  • Integrated Order Management System(ads) with Billing
  • Make all pipelines CI/CD
  • Created stack for automation testing
  • Migration of Legacy Service to AWS Cloud

Software Development Engineer

Jul 2017 - Sep 2019

Amazon, Hyderabad, India

Worked in PPX Team uder Amazon Business. The team was responsible to build tools to support the Customer Support Agents.

  • Desinged and Developed Order Details Page for Customer Support for Business Customers

Worked in BCP Team uder Amazon Business. The Team was responsible to build customer profile using extrnal and intenal data.

  • Business Profile UX feature was to edit the profile page to collect profile data from customers.
  • Refactored and Migration of Legacy Code
  • Built from scratch Manual Audit Tool to enable the manual audit team and the other business teams’ users to look at the existing data and make corrections wherever required.
  • Configurable Matching Adapter to match different sources with the registration data to build Business Customers Profile.

Worked in ListAssist Team. The team was responsible to manage different types of Lists.

  • Designed and developed the List Assist feature which is an enhancement of list functionality in which customers can add items into a list and perform “bulk search” for all the search terms on their list

Software Development Engineer Intern

Jan 2017 - Jul 2017

Amazon, Bangalore, India

Worked in ListAssist Team. The team was responsible to manage different types of Lists.

  • Cretaed Text Extraction Service which extracts Lists from documets such as Pdf, Word and images.
  • Created Bulk Seach API to seach for multiple seach terms at once
  • School List migration.

Software Development Engineer Intern

Jun 2016 - Aug 2016

AerX Labs, Bangalore, India

  • Created Airspeed indicator with OpenGl.


These are some of the projects that i worked on.

Natures Call

This was a mobile friendly website built to find and navigate to the closest useable washroom in India. The website was easy to use. It even let you rate the washroom you used. This was developed for the DigitalOcean hack in 2016. The website is currently down because its not being actively maintained.

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Fly On Time

This app was developed to predict flight delay based on weather conditions at the airport as part of NASA SpaceApps Challenge 2016. Resulted in Global Nomination.

Facial Recognition Door Security System

This was a prototype developed with a model door and a raspberry pie. An app was develped in C#(UWP IOT) that unlocks the model door based on facial recognition. The user can can add multiple persons that can access the door.

MTSP solution using genetic algorithm

Online retailers have multiple delivery boys and multiple delivery locations. The problem of optimization of the paths the delivery boys can take is dependent on the distance, time, traffic and the concentration of delivery points. This project solves the MTSP (multiple traveling salesman problem) using Genetic algorithm deriving the distance, time and traffic information from the Google Maps API.

Research Paper

This app was developed for tracking college attendance for students of MSRIT. Students can see their attendance using their USN and date of birth. It is currently removed from the windows store because I am not actively maintaining it.

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Car Racing

A 2-D Android endless runner game build using CORONA SDK. The game offers a car that can move left or right with total 3 lanes. The aim of game is not to let the car crash.


NASA Space App Challenge,16 - Global Nomination for Best Problem Solver

My team and I built a system that helped predict flight delays caused by adverse weather conditions with ML.

CSIR - All India Cyber Security Hackathon Winners

My team and I built a prototype biometric payment system which lets you just use your finger as a credit card. Wallets and Cash are so last century!

Won quarterly awards in PACE org at Amazon:

Q2 2020 - New bee award for quickly ramping up, adapting to team's culture, delivering on projects and earning team's trust.

Won 2nd price for the event Idea Presentation

Won 2nd price for the event Idea Presentation conducted during the two day symposium on Women in Engineering at MSRIT

13 Cetifications

In my free time i like to learn new technologies from Udemy and CouseEra


These are the people who have provided me the opportunity to learn and grow. I am very grateful to have have worked with you and special thanks to to my mentor Shubham Mehrotra who has always guided me.


Best way to get in touch with me is by email.


Mahadevpura, Bangalore, India